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Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. Reviews

About Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd.

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. was formed in 2021, working alongside Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions for many years before that and our owner has 24 years experience working as a roofer. We have installed thousands of flat roofs and garage roofs across Scotland, providing the best value in the country echoed by our perfect track record of strong customer reviews.

We have a strong background in all aspects of roofing, however, we are specialists in garage roofing and flat roofing installing literally thousands of these types of roofs across Scotland over the years.

As stated above our areas of expertise includes garage roof replacement and repair, asbestos garage roof overcladding & replacement and all aspects of flat roofing including EPDM Firestone rubber roof application.


All of our quotes are completed by the company owner. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, honest pricing with no hard sales. Our quality of workmanship, strong track record and competitive rates mean we do not have to use such tactics.

2024 Offer

FREE GUTTERS AND DOWN PIPES on all garage roof replacement and asbestos roof cladding. Offer extended beyond winter for all of 2024.

"Excellent quality and professional installation of my garage roof overcladding. I don't have a standard size roof and they were able to deliver panels that could fit the roof plus extension in one go. Highly recommended."
"Just had our garage roof done. It's perfect, Absolutely first class job. The 2 lads were lovely, not one bit of mess left. Highly recommend. Many Thanks. Tam Mitchell 👌👌"

Depending on the condition of your garage roof, a replacement might be the only option. If your roof has been leaking for a long period of time this can often cause issues with the structure of the roof meaning a full garage roof replacement is the best long term solution.

Asbestos Overcladding

Asbestos garage roofs are extremely popular in Glasgow. Anytime during or before the 90’s asbestos garage roof sheets were the most common type of garage roof finish. During your initial survey we can discuss the different options available to you including covering with asbestos overcladding or full asbestos garage roof replacement.

We also offer complete garage removal and asbestos garage roof removal should you wish to get rid of your old garage.

Garage Roof Repair

Does your garage roof have a small leak or some gaps were the wind and elements are getting in? 

Perhaps it’s fairly new and just requires a little maintenance like installing some new insulation. During your free survey we will advise you honestly if garage roof repair is a feasible option or if you really need a replacement, asbestos over clad or rubber roof.

EPDM Firestone Rubber

EPDM Firestone rubber roofs are an ideal solutions for certain flat roofs and offer a long term manufacturer warranty of at least 20 years.

Much like asbestos overcladding, Firestone flat roofs can be installed quickly, the same day in most circumstances, however, dry weather is required for a successful installation.

Flat Roofing

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd are specialist flat roofing contractors offering various type of flat roofing including EPDM rubber flat roofs, garages, extensions, carports, porches and other flat roof surfaces.

Our flat roofing service encompasses various structures like garages, house extensions, porches, ledges, carports, garden rooms, sheds, and any other buildings with a flat roof surface.


Demand for carports has soared due to things such as electric cars and people having 2 or more cars in a household these days!

We install a range of carports including stainless steel, solid timber (wooden) and steel frames with metal cladding roofs like the roofs we install on garages.

Many people contact us who have old fragile carports, looking to replace them with something robust that’s going to last!

Agricultural Roofing

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd offers an affordable agricultural roofing service across Scotland.

This includes roof replacement and refurbishment for farms, barns and other agricultural buildings, commonly found in rural parts of Scotland.

Garage Demolition and Removal

Complete garage demolition, garage removal and clearance is popular for people looking get rid of old garage buildings to create more space in their garden.

This includes safe removal and disposal of garages containing asbestos sheets in the roof.

Replacement Garage Roofs, Asbestos & Rubber Roofs

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd Reviews

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Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. Reviews

Garage Roof Company with a strong reputation

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. work in partnership with Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions with over 50 years combined experience working in the roofing industry in Glasgow and Central Scotland. Our team has dozens of legitimate 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook and Yell.