Apex Garage Roof Glasgow

An apex garage roof typically refers to a roof design where the two sides slope upwards to meet at a central ridge or peak. This is a common design for many garages and other structures.

Apex garage roofs can be constructed using various materials, including asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or concrete tiles. The choice of material often depends on factors such as budget, aesthetics, and climate.

Older apex garage roofs found in Glasgow are often made with asbestos sheets, we can safely remove your asbestos garage roof and install a replacement. For more information on other types of garage roof replacement click here.

Some people refer to an apex garage roof as a pitched garage roof, it is in effect the same thing. They are more commonly found on double garages or large single garages.

If you have an apex garage roof that is leaking or just old and in need of repair or replacement, give us a call to discuss your options in more detail.


Apex garage roof replacement in Blantyre near Glasgow
Garage roofs done a great job for me, they work hard, clean and tidy, reasonable price. We love our new garage roof. Highly recommended.
Mak Peggy,
Apex Garage Roof Replacement

Apex garage roof with asbestos sheets, safely removed and disposed, then replaced with a new black metal roof. This job was in Bishopbriggs.

Switching from a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof

Pitched roofs are better for use in Scotland as they naturally facilitate a water runoff, helping to prevent water pooling and potential leaks. Proper drainage and gutter systems must be incorporated into your new pitched roof to ensure effective water management.

For flat roofs, EPDM rubber roofing is your best waterproof solution, so this is another option if you have budget constraints or just prefer keeping a flat roof surface.

If you do wish to switch from a flat garage roof to a pitched garage roof, we will breakdown the process and costs with you during your free home visit.

About Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd.

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. was formed in 2021, working alongside Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions for many years before that and our owner has 21 years experience working as a roofer. We have installed thousands of flat roofs and garage roofs across Scotland, providing the best value in the country echoed by our perfect track record of strong customer reviews.

We have a strong background in all aspects of roofing, however, we are specialists in garage roofing and flat roofing installing literally thousands of these types of roofs across Scotland over the years.

As stated above our areas of expertise includes garage roof replacement and repair, asbestos garage roof overcladding & replacement and all aspects of flat roofing including EPDM Firestone rubber roof application.


All of our quotes are completed by the company owner. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, honest pricing with no hard sales. Our quality of workmanship, strong track record and competitive rates mean we do not have to use such tactics.

Replacement Apex Garage Roofs in Glasgow

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd Reviews

"Excellent I called and Dan came almost right away. Job done promptly and tidily. Two pleasant men. Garage been given a new life. Waterproof and useable again. Highly recommend . S hillhouse"

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Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. work in partnership with Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions with over 50 years combined experience working in the roofing industry in Glasgow and Central Scotland. Our team has dozens of legitimate 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook and Yell.