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Garage demolition is a popular service we offer which includes asbestos garage demolition and asbestos garage roof removal. Do you possess an aging garage that’s deteriorating and seldom utilised? Perhaps it requires some roof repair or your garage is so antiquated that it requires complete demolition and removal? With the declining use of garages nowadays, perhaps you’re contemplating repurposing the space. It’s worth considering the impact on your home and garden of reclaiming this area. Take a glance at neighbouring properties to gather ideas that align with your preferences.

Once you realise the extent of space occupied by your old garage, you can envision the possibilities for its transformation. Instead of enduring the sight of an unsightly, obsolete structure, you could utilise the space more effectively.

If street parking is ample, transforming the area into a lush lawn with decking and a patio could create a welcoming family garden. Removing the garage might even increase your home’s value, as potential buyers may view it as a costly obstacle. Additionally, remember that dismantling the old garage safely is crucial due to potentially hazardous materials like in an asbestos garage roof.

We offer a full garage removal and clearance service after your demolition is completed.

Old leaking garage taking up space
Safe roof removal before demolition
"Garage was removed all in the space of 2 days, really efficient service and fantastic value for money, much cheaper than some other companies who quoted."

About Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd.

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. established in 2021, has been collaborating with Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions for many years prior to its formation. With our owner boasting 24 years of experience in roofing, we’ve earned a stellar reputation for excellence. Our extensive portfolio includes the installation of countless flat roofs and garage roofs throughout Scotland, underlined by our flawless track record of satisfied customer reviews.

While we excel in all facets of roofing, our specialisation lies in garage roofing and flat roofing. We’ve expertly installed thousands of these roofs across Scotland, solidifying our expertise in the field. Additionally, we offer safe garage demolition, removal, and clearance services, including the safe disposal of asbestos sheets from garage roofs.

Our areas of proficiency encompass garage roof replacement and repair, asbestos garage roof over cladding and replacement, as well as all aspects of flat roofing, including EPDM Firestone rubber roof application.


Each of our garage demolition quotes is personally handled by the company owner. We take pride in providing transparent, upfront pricing without resorting to aggressive sales tactics. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, backed by a solid track record and competitive rates, speaks for itself, eliminating the need for such methods.


Garage Demolition Glasgow East End

As depicted above, a comprehensive garage demolition, rubble clearance, and full removal were efficiently completed in just one day at a remarkably competitive rate.

Old Asbestos Garage Demolition Glasgow Southside

Here's a visual representation of a safely executed demolition and removal project of an old asbestos garage. All asbestos sheets were securely disposed of at a Glasgow based SEPA approved disposal yard.

Asbestos Garage Roof Removal

It may be that you realise that your garage roof contains asbestos and if you should have it removed. If your roof is made of a grey coloured corrugated material, this is a sign that asbestos is there. Once you have established 100% there asbestos is there you will be looking for asbestos garage roof removal.

Safe Asbestos Garage Roof Removal

The asbestos present in your roof requires safe disposal in a sealed, licensed container. It will then be transported to a SEPA approved disposal site where it will undergo proper disposal procedures and receive a unique SEPA issued code. Our primary disposal site is located in Glasgow. It’s important to note that waste removal companies typically charge higher rates for asbestos disposal compared to other materials due to its high toxicity and associated health risks.

Asbestos Garage Demolition and Disposal

Asbestos was commonly used in the construction of garage roofs and walls found in old garage in Scotland for decades, until its dangers became widely recognised. Asbestos poses significant health risks when disturbed, releasing tiny fibers into the air that, when inhaled, can cause serious lung diseases, including cancer.

Given these hazards, demolishing an asbestos garage should be approached with caution and by professionals trained in asbestos removal and demolition. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Safety Precautions: Asbestos demolition requires strict safety protocols to protect both workers and occupants of the property. This includes wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, and coveralls, as well as implementing containment measures to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres.

  2. Regulations and Permits: Asbestos demolition is heavily regulated to ensure proper handling and disposal. Depending on your location, you may need permits or approvals from local authorities before starting the demolition process.

  3. Professional Demolition Services: It’s highly recommended to hire licensed asbestos demolition professionals for this task. They have the expertise, training, and equipment necessary to safely demolish structures containing asbestos and to handle the resulting waste.

  4. Assessment and Testing: Before demolition begins, it’s essential to have the garage inspected and tested for asbestos. This will determine the presence and extent of asbestos contamination and inform the demolition strategy.

  5. Proper Disposal: Asbestos waste resulting from demolition must be disposed of in accordance with local regulations. This often involves sealing the asbestos materials in special containers and transporting them to designated disposal facilities licensed to handle hazardous waste.

  6. Site Remediation: After demolition, the site may require remediation to ensure that any remaining asbestos contamination is properly addressed. This may involve soil testing and removal of any asbestos debris left behind during demolition.

Overall, asbestos garage demolition is a complex and potentially hazardous process that should be undertaken with care and expertise. Hiring Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd ensures the safe and effective demolition of your asbestos garage, protecting both your health and the environment.

Step 1: Safe removal of roof and asbestos sheets.
Step 2: Full garage demolition.
Step 3: Complete garage removal and clearance.

Old Garage Demolition Glasgow

If your old garage is showing signs of damage or age related deterioration, we’re here to assist. Whether it’s a single, double, or large workshop garage, we can efficiently demolish and remove it for you. Our team conducts a thorough risk assessment to check for asbestos in walls and roofs. If asbestos is detected, as mentioned above we have the expertise for safe removal.

With waste disposal licensing, we’ll promptly clear the site of old garage materials. Considering a new garage? We can also provide solutions for preparing the base area post demolition, ensuring a flat, level foundation tailored to accommodate your new build.

Wooden Garage Demolition

Perhaps you own a wooden garage that has fallen into disrepair, reaching a state where repair or restoration seems impossible. Over time, wooden garages can deteriorate due to lack of maintenance, leading to significant structural issues. This deterioration not only affects the appearance of your property but can also pose safety hazards to your surroundings, potentially becoming an eyesore and safety concern for your neighbourhood.

We can assess the condition of your wooden garage for you, starting with a thorough examination of the roof, which is often the most critical area. A compromised roof poses significant risks, such as collapse, which could lead to injury if not secure. During our inspection, we’ll check for damage, rot, or insect infestations both inside and outside the roof. If you have any items stored in the garage, we may need them moved temporarily to conduct a thorough assessment. Additionally, we’ll inspect the wooden garage sills, wall frames, gutters, and other components to identify any potential issues that need addressing.

Leaking Garage Demolition Glasgow

Your garage might have deteriorated due to leaks, rendering the damage irreparable. Neglect and lack of waterproofing upgrades are common culprits for garage leaks. Leaks can occur through unsealed doors or other areas like floors and walls, typically constructed of concrete or bricks. Flat roofs, if not regularly maintained, can exacerbate leaking issues. Often, garages are not prioritised for household maintenance and may lack insulation, further complicating leak problems that can go unnoticed for extended periods.

Concrete, being porous, absorbs water, potentially leading to cracks and further water penetration. Leaks can result in extensive damage, necessitating costly repairs, and may have also damaged items stored in the garage. A leaking garage not only diminishes the value of your property but also impacts its appeal to potential buyers.

Professional Garage Demolition Glasgow

Hopefully you will notice by now how professional our garage demolition service is, after we efficiently remove the structure for you often in one day. Our team safely demolish and remove your old garage and we guarantee to leave the area looking good for you to use as you wish. We will dismantle your garage with the utmost professionalism as we have years of expertise in this field of work. Using a structured approach we will demolish your garage from the top to the bottom, removing all timber, glass, concrete, steel, windows, and the garage roof and all other materials including asbestos if there is any.

Excellent service provided. Garage was dismantled and all materials and debris removed. Very satisfied.
JG, Glasgow
Garage Demolition Glasgow

Safety and Standards

We prioritise safety and adhere to the highest standards, employing proper safety equipment and working meticulously to avoid damage to the surrounding area. Rest assured, our service entails the thorough removal of every part of the old garage, ensuring safe disposal. We take care to clean and tidy the area afterward, and any salvageable parts are recycled, while the rest is disposed of in compliance with local regulations.

Please note that if your garage is electrically connected to your home, you’ll need to arrange for an electrician to remove the connection before dismantling can proceed. Once this is done, we can safely proceed with removing the old building.

Legislation and Legal Standards

You can trust that we stay current and fully adhere to all the latest legislation and legal requirements, covering aspects such as working at heights, lifting heavy loads, potential collapse risks, and asbestos handling. Before commencing any work, we conduct a comprehensive building survey and risk assessment. If your garage roof contains asbestos sheets, rest assured we’ll handle their safe disposal in strict accordance with guidelines set by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Why Get Your Garage Demolished?

  1. You’re considering getting a new garage.
  2. You’re seeking improved or contemporary storage solutions.
  3. You’re interested in creating a patio or garden room space.
  4. You’re looking to expand your garden or decking area.
  5. The structure is old, and the materials used in its construction, such as asbestos, pose a danger.
  6. It’s obstructing the natural light in your space.
  7. It’s an unsightly eyesore.

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