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Is your garage leaking? Do you need your roof repaired?

Don’t worry our Glasgow based garage roof repair team has got you covered. For honest advice on what’s best for your garage, you need roofers with plenty of experience.

Our owner and small team of specialists has all the knowledge and experience on the different types of garage roof faults and how to solve them.
Since the most common issue with garage roofs is leaks it’s important, you don’t settle for a short term fix!

You need clear, honest advice on repair, wether or not it is possible or if you really need a replacement garage roof. So, if you’re looking for reliable garage roof repair, call Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd today or feel free to keep reading this page of our website to find out more about the subject.

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Types Of Garage Roof Repair

Before jumping into the topic of garage roof repair, let’s have a quick look at the different types of issues that garage roofs have.

Leaking Roof Repair

The most common and familiar roof damage is leakage. In fact, over 90 percent of our garage roof repair enquiries are for this specific issue. It can happen due to a lot of factors — defective setup and installation, accumulation of debris, accidental damage, age of the roof, etc.

All of these factors can give rise to leakage or damp problems in your garage roof.

Repair of Elavated Material

Another common roof problem is the elevation of the roofing materials like tiles, slate, asphalt, etc. Usually, strong weather and accidental damage can cause the roofing materials to hoist from their normal architecture. This issue can cause further damage to the roof leading to leakage and bug infestation.

Repair of Missing Material

Roofing materials like tiles and slate can frequently be missing if the foundation is not strong or due to a strong storm or rain. When roofing materials go missing, there is plenty of gaps for the roof to start leaking. At some point, the entire roof can become damaged and will need immediate repair.

Hole Repair

Another important reason for a garage roof repair is the presence of a hole or multiple holes. There are lots of reasons why this can happen. The most common reason is defective installation of the roof materials when the roof was installed. Mishandling the shingles can also lead to punctures within the roof. Pests can also infest the roofing material and lead to a hole formation. If you end up with a number of holes, the entire roof structure can get badly damaged.

Repair of Shrinkage

Last but not least, shrinkage of roof material is responsible for roof damage and leaks. Roof shrinkage happens when there is faulty manufacturing of the roof materials. It also occurs when the shingles have been applied poorly. Due to shrinkage in the roof, issues like cracks, ridges, and leakage can take place. 

This is another issue that requires immediate repair to prevent further damage.

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Garage Roof - Repair or Replacement?

Mainly due to the weather in Glasgow, garage roofs undergo damage on a frequent basis.

Other reasons can be a faulty installation, leakage through the roof like the ones listed above. But when do you know if you should just repair the roof or completely replace it?

You can determine which one is suitable for you after a thorough inspection of your roof by our team. Some sales companies and other roofers will ALWAYS tell you that you need a replacement to get more of your money. Read our reviews we offer an honest, hardworking, transparent service and you will notice we have your best interests at heart within 5 minutes of your initial garage roof survey.

If you think your roof has some minor damages that can be solved easily, go for a repair. However, if you think your roof has gone beyond the point of any repair solution, then you’ll know it’s time for a replacement.

Garage Roof Repair

If you’re tight on budget, repairing your roof can be the best option. By repairing your roof, you not only get rid of all the issues, but can save a lot of cash. Repairs carried our correctly by professionals can last you for quite some time until you need to replace it. 

You can opt for roof repair in the circumstances like roof roles, punctures, leakage, missing materials of the roof, cracks, faulty installation, minor damage done by strong weather, etc. 

Repairing a roof has some obvious benefits. Firstly, it’s quite cheap in comparison to replacing one. Next, it strengthens the texture of your roof so that it can work well for many more years. Lastly, it improves the quality of
your old roof and like cards, some old roofs are built to withstand the test of time and then some!

Garage Roof Replacement

In some circumstances, when your roof has become severely damaged, repair is no longer an option — there are certain signs when you know it needs replaced. Usually, a roof requires replacement when there is the tripping of the shingles,
when the age of the roof has exceeded 10 years or more, or when the initial installation of the roof
caused it to be defective.
In these circumstances, a new roof is always the best option. With a new garage roof, you don’t have to worry about more issues arising constantly. Plus, it also enhances the look of your garage, garden and home. Instead of the old tired looking, rusty roof, you get a brand new roof in your choice of colour and design.

However, one disadvantage of replacing a roof can be the expense. Replacing a garage roof can cost you a decent sum of money compared to repairing it.

So, let Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd inspect your roof and inform you if it’s fit for repairing or needs a full replacement.

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd

Garage Roof Repair Cost in Glasgow

Now that you know more about garage roof repair and the faults that can arise, like any real Scotsmen, you will no doubt want an idea on how much it’s going to cost you!
Usually, repairing a garage roof in Glasgow costs between £300-£1000, depending on the extent of damage. For minor damage, the cost varies from  anywhere between £300-£500 while the cost can be between £800 and £1000 for a major repair of a large garage.
As previously stated, roof leakage is the most common form of damage, the cost of repair for this differs great due to so many variations of what causes the problem. 

With cracks, damaged ridges, missing or damaged materials, and shrinkage, the cost of a garage roof is a complicated issue and it’s always best to arrange a free, no obligation survey to arrive at an accurate cost for you to consider.

About Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd.

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. was formed in 2021, working alongside Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions for many years before that and our owner has 24 years experience working as a roofer. We have installed thousands of flat roofs and garage roofs across Scotland, providing the best value in the country echoed by our perfect track record of strong customer reviews.

We have a strong background in all aspects of roofing, however, we are specialists in garage roofing and flat roofing installing literally thousands of these types of roofs across Scotland over the years.

As stated above our areas of expertise includes garage roof replacement and repair, asbestos garage roof overcladding & replacement and all aspects of flat roofing including EPDM Firestone rubber roof application.


All of our quotes are completed by the company owner. We pride ourselves on offering transparent, honest pricing with no hard sales. Our quality of workmanship, strong track record and competitive rates mean we do not have to use such tactics.

Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd Repair Reviews

"Collins roofing recently replaced our leaky garage roof. Once contacted, they arranged a visit in a couple of days, provided a quote and set a date for 3 weeks’ time. On the date, they arrived promptly, finished the job to a high quality and tidied up after. I would not hesitate to recommend Collins roofing for roof installation/repair jobs."
"I made initial enquiry online for a repair to my garage roof. It was followed up with a phone call quote to overclad it. Quote was competitive and when accepted Danny came out to measure up and go through my colour options etc. He phoned within a couple of weeks to say materials were ready and arranged a date. They boys came out and done a fantastic job and I'm delighted with it. They were quick, professional and tidy. Wish I got around to doing it years ago. Would highly recommend."
"Excellent service. The company done a great job on my garage roof. Fast, reliable and completed to a high standard. I would definitely recommend them!"
"fantastic job done by collins roofing, my garage had buckets all over it collecting water it was such a wasted space. now thanks to the guys i have a water tight garage that i can get back to using fully. delighted!!"

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Garage Roofs Glasgow Ltd. work in partnership with Collins Roofing & Solar Solutions with over 50 years combined experience working in the roofing industry in Glasgow and Central Scotland. Our team has dozens of legitimate 5 star reviews on Google, Facebook and Yell.